Steve Miller Reveals What The "Pompatus of Love" Really Means

This week in October, 1973 saw the release of the Steve Miller Band's eighth album The Joker. As the front man says in this recent appearance on the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon", the single and album's success took him by surprise. The title track's lyrics included references to some of his early tunes like : "Space Cowboy" from Brave New World, "Gangster of Love" from Sailor and "Enter Maurice" from Recall the Beginning...A Journey from Eden. One line in the song has always confused fans (and critics alike).

When Miller sings : "Cause I speak of the pompatus of love". Watch in the clip below as he tells the history of his first Number one single and finally clears up the confusion over that word "Pompatus". We also get a peek into his brand new, career-spanning Box Set Welcome To The Vault.

via Tonight Show Youtube

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