Boston Emissions Local Songs of the Year 2017

I picked my top thirty songs. So much great music to choose from this year. Thank you for making it, sending it, and playing it live. Have a happy new year. See you in 2018. There is much to talk about ahead.

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Boston Emissions Local Songs of the Year

Mutoid Man - Bandages

Backwards Dancer – I Saw Your Spirit

Phenomenal Sun – Gone and Alone

Carissa Johnson - You Lost You

The Rupert Selection - Swallow The Air You Breathe 

Weakened Friends - Hate Mail

Parlour Bells - Sanctuary Cities

usLights - New Feeling

David Age & the Regrets - Heaven (no longer available for streaming)

Aaron Lippert - Beautiful Boy

DEBRA - Overdrive

Test Meat - If You Wanna 

Stephen MacDonald - Local Divide

Analog Heart – Not Good Enough

Mister Vertigo – No Myth

Waltham – Summer Nights

Petty Morals – Saturday Night Slacks

The Rationales - Trade You

OldJack - Luck and Drive

Choke Up – Blue Moon

Township - Like Hell

Dark Wheels - Mighty Sky

Mill Pond Falls - Everyday

Set Fire - Better Off 

Summoner - New Sun

Eddie Japan – Golden Age

Blindspot - Voices

Horse Mode – Stay Awhile and Listen

Future Teens - Kissing Chemistry

Long Time – River

Local Songs list is based on songs selected and played by Anngelle Wood on Boston Emissions on 100.7 WZLX. Send music to Boston Emissions here

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