David Bowie's Biggest Billboard Hits

David Bowie

David Bowie made important, genre-defying cultural contributions in nearly every decade since he wowed critics with his psychedelic epic "Space Oddity" in 1969. But no period of the late, great rockstar's storied career was more prolific than the Seventies and Eighties. 

Bowie's manic obsession with his public image allowed the musician to stay relevant in the rapidly changing musical landscape. From his otherworldly Ziggy Stardust period to the Philadelphia soul-inspired Thin White Duke persona, Bowie showed a remarkable ability to reinvent himself at a moment's notice.

As the earthy thump of mainstream rock n' roll gave way to slick disco, Bowie retreated to Germany for his most experimental period yet, churning out the Berlin Trilogy of Low, Heroes, and Lodger,  the critically panned albums are now remembered as some of the musician's most impressive work. 

By the 1980's, Bowie had moved fully into the world of pop music, collaborating with many of his aging rock contemporaries, like Queen and Mick Jagger, while mining sounds from the chart-topping disco world. Co-produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers, Bowie reached the height of his popularity with 1983's Let's Dance

From "Fame" to "Never Let Me Down" and everything in-between, here are David Bowie's Top 10 Hits from the Billboard Hot 100.

1. Fame

"Fame" spent 21 weeks on the chart and peaked at #1 on 9.20.1975.

2. Let's Dance

"Let's Dance" peaked at #1 on 5.21.1983 with 20 weeks on the chart.

3. Dancing In The Street

Recorded alongside the Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger, "Dancing In The Street" peaked at #7 on 10.12.1985, spending 14 weeks on the chart.

4. Blue Jean

"Blue Jean" spent 18 weeks on the chart and peaked at #8 on 11.3.1984.

5. Golden Years

Peaked at #10 on 4.3.1976 with 21 weeks on the chart.

6. China Girl

Peaked at #10 on 8.27.1983 with 18 weeks on the chart.

7. Modern Love

Peaked at #14 on 11.12.1983 with 13 weeks on the chart.

8. Space Oddity

Peaked at #15 on 4.7.1973 with 15 weeks on the chart.

9. Day-In Day-Out

Peaked at #21 on 5.23.1987 with 12 weeks on the chart.

10. Never Let Me Down

Peaked at #27 on 9.26.1987 with 11 weeks on the chart.

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