Local Musician Parodies 'Hallelujah' With Danny Amendola

As the Super Bowl hype ramps up in anticipation of Sunday's big game, creative New Englanders - like Ian Biggs - are showing their support for the Pats in unique ways. Biggs deftly reworked the Leonard Cohen-penned ballad "Hallelujah" into a Danny Amendola pump-up song, playing off Cohen's somber original with punny panache.

"Well I heard that Brady went to court, and David Portnoy showed his support / But you don't really care for Barstool, do ya?" Biggs starts, referencing the Barstool Sports magnate who campaigned in support of Brady during the Deflategate saga.

"We're on to Six! In the 4th the 5th - behind we fell, you gave a major lift," Biggs continues. "The Passing King he throws to Amen-Dola / Amen-Dola, Amen-Dola, Amen-Dola, Amen-Dola."

The song highlights everything from Danny's butt (which Biggs says is better than Brady's) to his penchant for clutch 4th quarter plays.

Watch the whole thing below!

Danny Amendola Continues To Make Playoff Impact - Thumbnail Image

Danny Amendola Continues To Make Playoff Impact

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