Boston Emissions playlist 2/25/18

New music from Bliss, The Good Silver, Far Above The Ground + Orbit, Mean Creek, usLights, Bad Rabbits, Walter Sickert & the ARmy of BRoken TOys, Morphine's Cure For Pain is 25. 


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+Local Songs of the Week 2/25/18  [Poll]

1] Helen - Locked In My Mind

2] Exit 18 - All Yours 

3] Blindspot - Sinking Fast

all new songs added to the show each week show up on the song poll. Most vote get played each week. Tell someone.


Pixies - Where Is My Mind Surfer Rosa, 1988

Walter Sickert and the ARmy of BRoken TOys - Where’s Your Ghost 

usLights - New Feeling 

Pillbook - boyskissboysgirlsowntheirbodies

Bad Rabbits - 1979 

Bliss - False Flag 

Read Yellow - Model America

Belly - Feed The Tree

The Rupert Selection - Swallow The Air You Breathe

rules - Happy Holidays 

The Good Silver - I’m Your Dog

Jake Brennan and the Confidence Men - Believe Me

Animal Flag - Jealous Lover

Morphine - Buena from Cure For Pain, 25th anniversary

Morphine - Cure For Pain

Morphine - In Spite Of Me

Morphine - Thursday

Orbit - Bicycle Song

Far Above The Ground - Cadillac 

The Appreciation Post - Crank The Stereo 

Mean Creek - Strange Man 

Cassavettes - Lights On

Sebadoh - Love Is Stronger from The Sebadoh, 1998

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