61 Cats and Dogs Removed From Auburn Home

Police and animal rescue workers braved unsettling conditions to remove 61 dogs and cats from a home at 4 Buron Terrace in Auburn Tuesday.

Law enforcement obtained a warrant to enter the property, after receiving a complaint from a fellow resident who had visited the property the previous day. Police said the resident described living conditions in the home as “filthy” and “unsanitary.”

The house reportedly smelled of urine and feces and many of the animals inside were found to be ill. The animals were taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston for evaluation, according to Lt. Scott Mills of the Auburn Police Department.

Homeowner Jean Anger is expected to face charges; her husband Richard could as well. They are currently staying with family members, as their home was found to be unsafe to live in.

The homeowner had been illegally running a kennel for dogs in the 936 square foot house, according to Lt. Alan Borgal of the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The property and its' owners have been the subject of 11 prior complaints filed with the Board of Health since 1993, according to police.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they found dogs running around on the main living floor, puppies in cages and a cattery sectioned off with chicken wire on the lower level.

The house now has a notice on the door, warning visitors that it is unfit for human habitation.

“I knew they were selling cats and dogs, but I didn’t know they had that many,” said Anger’s neighbor Lynne Guittar. “I was amazed when I heard it. A couple of times you would hear dogs barking and knew they had a new litter of something, but nothing major.”

Auburn Police said many poeple from the local community have come forward in the interest of adopting the displaced animals.

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