Rob Halford Likens Donald Tump To Adolf Hitler, Darth Vader

Rob Halford (Getty)

Rob Halford performs with Judas Priest. (Photo by Getty Images)

Rob Halford is apparently not a fan of Donald Trump.

In a recent Newsweek interview, the Judas Priest frontman likened the sitting President of the United States to both Adolf Hitler and Darth Vader.

"I'm not an American citizen, but I live in this country and eventually want to become an American citizen because I love this country so much," Halford said. "I'm not a Donald Trump supporter for a lot of reasons, but it's not only happening in America. It's happening in other parts of the world, as well, and it's very dangerous. I was born in 1951. We were still recovering from that evil bastard Adolf Hitler and the horrible things he did."

"When I was a kid, trying to make sense of the world, I would think, 'Well, maybe in about 10 years there will be no more of this.' And then it's still there," the musician continued. "It's like what threatens the Force in Star Wars. It won't fucking go away. There's always a Darth Vader somewhere, fucking it up for the rest of us. Most of humanity just wants to live a peaceful life, don't we?"

Halford and Judas Priest are currently touring in support of the group's latest album, Firepower. "Some fans are completely opposite to me politically," the outspoken singer said, acknowledging that his beliefs may not align with the majority of his fanbase. "But we can still be in the same room and have a good time and hopefully have a good discussion while respecting each other's opinions."

Summing up the Tump-Hitler-Vader comparison, Halford said what's scary is when "one person or a few people can have that much control and dictate such an outcome."

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