Boston Emissions playlist 4/1/2018

Caleb Scofield of Cave In | Photos by Matt Lambert/Trebmal Photography.
Used with permission.

In loving memory of Caleb Scofield.

Read The Boston Hardcore Scene Remembers Cave In's Caleb Scofield, Its Beloved Pioneer.Members of Unearth, The Red Chord, and more reflect on the tragic passing of a musician who helped define an era of Massachusetts music.

Cave In's Hydra Head Records releases are all here:


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Local Songs of the Week 4/1/2018

New this week!

1] Helen - Locked In My Mind 

2] The Ultra - Heart On The Run--new entry on the poll

3] Exit 18 - All Yours 

[No poll this week. Local Songs Poll will resume next week with new songs and new poll for voting]


Cave In - Inspire from Antenna, 2003

Mellow Bravo - Low Ain't The Bottom

Long Time - River 

Vic Firecracker - The Waiter 

Sidewalk Driver - Five Steps--Monday, April 2 at The Garden with Bon Jovi 

Caspian - Waking Season 

Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls 

The Shods - I Know A Place

Gang Green - Voices Carry 

Til Tuesday - What About Love 

Cave In - Big Riff from Jupiter, 2000 

Cave In - Anchor from Antenna, 2003

The Sheila Divine - Automatic Buffalo 

Cave In - The World Is In Your Way from Perfect Pitch Black, 2005   

Cave In - Luminance from Creative Eclipses, 1999 

Guests! Thanks to Plymouth Rocks’ @MikeGioscia and Noelle Poremski + @davidbieberarchives for joining me. Plymouth Rocks gala fundraiser is Friday 4/6 at Plymouth Memorial Hall with pop up museum of pop art and rock memorabilia from David’s collection, music, food and more.  for tickets.
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