Lindsey Buckingham's Departure: Another #MeToo Moment?

Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks. (Photo by Getty Images)

Carter Alan discusses the departure/firing of Fleetwood Mac’s longtime guitarist and singer Lindsey Buckingham from the group with noted author Stephen Davis, who has written best-selling music books like “Hammer of the Gods” – THE Led Zeppelin rock biography and “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith.  He is an authority on Fleetwood Mac, having penned two books with Mick Fleetwood and the recent biography of Stevie Nicks entitled “Gold Dust Woman.”  

In this interview, Davis reveals Buckingham’s previous difficulties with temper and women and gives his take on whether or not this departure was by choice or an outright firing.  According to the author’s sources, the reason had everything to do with “financial and personal” problems.

 It’s just the latest in rock music’s greatest longtime career drama.  

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