Johnny Depp Inspired Joe Perry's Solo Album

'I really wasn't thinking it was time for a solo album," Joe Perry told Carter Alan about the lead up to Sweetzerland Manifesto.

In between Aerosmith projects, Perry had amassed enough material to begin crafting his sixth solo record.

"There's been space and time to do these projects. I love recording. That's why I have a studio at my house - I'm always there recording. Finally, when I get enough material, I sift through it and figure out what might go to an Aerosmith thing or what."

In L.A. to do some soundtrack work, the musician caught up with bandmate (Hollywood Vampires) and old pal Johnny Depp. "Johnny Depp came in and said, 'You know, I don't think you've done your best solo record yet. How would you like to use my studio just around the corner? And that house right there - nobody's living in it - why don't you move in there instead of renting a place?'"

"Billy and I like our privacy and we didn't want to be in his space, but there's a vibe up there - once you got up there it's tucked away - everybody that hangs out up there calls it Sweetzerland, because the name of the street is Sweetzer."

Prompted by his team to name the album Sunset Manifesto, Perry had a light-bulb moment.

"And when I was thinking about the name...they said "What about 'Sunset Manifesto'? I was thinking about it and I'm like "Sweetzerland Manifseto" because it's a 24-7 thing going on up there. It's around the clock."

Joe Perry and Friends bring Sweetzerland Manifesto to Boston's House of Blues Wednesday (4/18). 

Check out our full interview with Joe below!

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