Boston Emissions playlist 4/22/18

New music Awaaz Do, Await Rescue, Blood Built Empire, Never Got Caught, Scissorfight, Small Town Ensemble + Joe Perry Project (Charlie Farren), Weakened Friends, Nate Leavitt, The Year Million. New Local Songs Of The Week.


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Local Songs of the Week

1] Exit 18 - All Yours 

2] Helen - Locked In My Mind 

3] Blindspot - All I Am



PLAYLIST 4/22/18

Joe Perry Project - East Coast West Coast 

Cave In - Big Riff 

Await Rescue - Burn Away from Tides EP 
-June 2 , Great Scott, Allston with Pulitzer Prize Fighter 

Blood Built Empire - Fate Is Fluid from When Seas Turn Dark 
-May 4 at O’Brien’s Allston with Tied To A Bear, Scamps, In The Meantime

Awaaz Do - RLM
-Fri, May 4 at Rock N’ Lowell Fest at UnCharted, Lowell with Azer, The Cosmic Vultures, Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets,  The Shirts And Shoes, Threat Level Burgundy

Weakened Friends - Hate Mail 

Phenomenal Sun - Gone and Alone 

Vic Firecracker - The Waiter 

Pillbook - boyskissboysgirlsowntheirbodies 

The Year Million - Losing Air 

Never Got Caught - Highway Wreckage from Lead Me Under, due in May

Scissorfight - Unfinished Business 
-Fri, May 4 at Stonechurch, Newmarket NH with Gozu, Diablogato, Genuine Rust

Small Town Ensemble - Santa Cruz 

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys - Army of Me (Bjork)

Salem Wolves - Blood and Roses (Smithereens)
-May 14 at Charlie’s Kitchen Cambridge with The Very Reverend, LE Yikes Surf Club, The Maxims

Rules - A Little Respect (Erasure) 

Nate Leavitt - Alone Again (Dokken)
-Sat, April 28 at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge for OldJack's Last Saturdays with The Wolff Sisters

Juliana Hatfield - Physical (Olivia Newton John)

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Boston Emissions Playlist 4/15/18

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Boston Emissions Music Submissions

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