Boston Emissions playlist 4/22/18

New music Awaaz Do, Await Rescue, Blood Built Empire, Never Got Caught, Scissorfight, Small Town Ensemble + Joe Perry Project (Charlie Farren), Weakened Friends, Nate Leavitt, The Year Million. New Local Songs Of The Week.


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Local Songs of the Week

1] Exit 18 - All Yours 

2] Helen - Locked In My Mind 

3] Blindspot - All I Am



PLAYLIST 4/22/18

Joe Perry Project - East Coast West Coast 

Cave In - Big Riff 

Await Rescue - Burn Away from Tides EP 
-June 2 , Great Scott, Allston with Pulitzer Prize Fighter 

Blood Built Empire - Fate Is Fluid from When Seas Turn Dark 
-May 4 at O’Brien’s Allston with Tied To A Bear, Scamps, In The Meantime

Awaaz Do - RLM
-Fri, May 4 at Rock N’ Lowell Fest at UnCharted, Lowell with Azer, The Cosmic Vultures, Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets,  The Shirts And Shoes, Threat Level Burgundy

Weakened Friends - Hate Mail 

Phenomenal Sun - Gone and Alone 

Vic Firecracker - The Waiter 

Pillbook - boyskissboysgirlsowntheirbodies 

The Year Million - Losing Air 

Never Got Caught - Highway Wreckage from Lead Me Under, due in May

Scissorfight - Unfinished Business 
-Fri, May 4 at Stonechurch, Newmarket NH with Gozu, Diablogato, Genuine Rust

Small Town Ensemble - Santa Cruz 

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys - Army of Me (Bjork)

Salem Wolves - Blood and Roses (Smithereens)
-May 14 at Charlie’s Kitchen Cambridge with The Very Reverend, LE Yikes Surf Club, The Maxims

Rules - A Little Respect (Erasure) 

Nate Leavitt - Alone Again (Dokken)
-Sat, April 28 at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge for OldJack's Last Saturdays with The Wolff Sisters

Juliana Hatfield - Physical (Olivia Newton John)

Boston Emissions Playlist 4/15/18
Boston Emissions Playlist 4/15/18
New music from Animal Flag, Salem Wolves, Blindspot, Kue The Sun + Gene Dante and The Future Starlets, Stars Like Ours, Fidel plus classics from Boston's new wave...
Boston Emissions Music Submissions
Boston Emissions Music Submissions
Anngelle Wood hosts Boston Emissions Sundays at 10pm.


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