Journey's Jonathan Cain Talks God, Steve Perry, and Neal Schon

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Jonathan Cain replaced founding member Greg Rolie in Journey in 1980, swiftly proving he was a wise choice, not only with his performing skills but especially in his ability to form a songwriting tour de force with the other members of his new band.  Cain joined and helped write the "Escape" album, which was Journey's biggest, going to #1 in America and selling eight million copies.  He'd stay with the band, through Steve Perry's decision to leave and the eventual rebirth of the group with new lead singers that have kept Journey thriving to the present.  

Jonathan Cain was also in the Baby's with John Waite and would later form Bad English with the singer and Journey guitarist Neal Schon.  The 'super-group' released two albums, selling Platinum, and scoring a #1 hit single "When I See You Smile" in 1989.  But, Cain's success didn't come overnight nor easily.  Like countless musicians, he worked his way up the food chain slowly over a period of many years fraught with hopes and disappointments.  

Through it all, Cain's faith in God sustained him, as well as the tireless support from his father, who, as the musician told Carter Alan: "He proclaimed success over me before I had gotten anywhere.  20-years later, I'm joining Journey and he says, 'See! I told you!'"

Joining Journey, which at that point in 1980 already had four Platinum albums out, was a dream realized for Cain.  After seeing his performance in the Babys, the band hired him without an audition, even giving their new member an equal financial share in the group.  "I was received with open arms, excuse the pun. I felt surrounded by greatness."

Cain talks about his respect for Steve Perry and being with him at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, as well as commenting on the recent disagreements he has had with Neal Schon.

Jonathan Cain's "Don't Stop Believin'" is in stores as of May 1st and Journey plays Fenway Park with Def Leppard on August 11.   

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