Rep. Moulton: Columbia Gas Hasn't Communicated With Public

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NORTH ANDOVER (WBZ-AM) -- A day after explosions rocked three Merrimack Valley communities, Rep. Seth Moulton points an accusing finger at Columbia Gas, saying the company hasn't been communicating with the public.

"What's most disturbing about this to me, besides the fact that you just simply have homes blowing up, is that the gas company didn't do anything to talk to their customers for about five hours after the event," Moulton told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. "That's when they finally put a statement on their website and a tweet that said we're investigating explosions. Well, it's a bit late for that."

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He said public safety should be their top priority.

"Let's not forget about the one young man who lost his life," Moulton said. "This is very, very serious. People need to feel safe in their homes. Everybody should feel safe in his or her home, and the people of Lawrence and North Andover and parts of Andover right now, they don't feel safe in their homes."

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Moulton praised first responders for taking swift action in protecting the public. He said neighbors were out helping neighbors after the disaster.

"The American spirit was alive and well," Moulton said. "They were helping each other, keeping their heads up."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Doug Cope (@dcopewbz) reports



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