Queen Rocked The Opening of The Academy Awards

After what seemed like hours of Ryan Seacrest asking people, “Who are you wearing?”, The Academy Awards opened with the thundering drumbeat of “We Will Rock You” going right into “We Are The Champions.” Queen with Adam Lambert got everyone on their feet singing along. Lady Gaga clapped, Glenn Close was in total fangirl mode, Javier Bardem looked like that guy that screams all the lyrics in the seat next to you at the show, Christian Bale, well he didn’t really care, but even A-Rod was rocking out.

Then Rami Malek goes on to win the Best Actor award and takes a header off the stage! Paramedics were called, but he was ok enough to party all night.

We’ll get to see Queen with Adam Lambert live at the Xfinity Center August 4th.



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