Report: Boston is 2nd-Best City for Football Fans

Any other city might celebrate a second-place finish, but not Boston. That’s why, though impressive, many football fans in the City of Champions might be less than thrilled to find out that they finished second on a new list of the best cities for football fans.

Wallethub compared more than 240 cities in the U.S., based on ticket prices, the success of local NFL and college teams, and the popularity of those teams. Boston landed in the #2 spot on the list, behind Pittsburgh... PITTSBURGH?!? Dallas, Green Bay, and New York also made the top five.

Although Boston has one of the best-performing teams and a highly-engaged fan base, high ticket prices were a key factor in keeping the city from the top spot on the list.

Brookville, NY, Valparaiso, IN, Providence, RI, Davidson, NC and Ithaca, NY all landed in the bottom five.

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

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