Airport Workers Fired After TikTok Video Goes Viral (Watch)

Four California airport workers are out of a job, after a video they made went viral.

The four former ramp agents at Fresno Yosemite International Airport told news station KSEE 24 that they had 30 minutes remaining on their shift and not much to do when they decided to collaborate on the video which, ultimately, caused them to get fired.

The video, which was uploaded to TikTok on January 24th, shows the men dancing in front of a plane, on a baggage cart and inside a passenger area. Airport officials deemed the employees’ contact as “inappropriate behavior,” according to KSEE.

“The plane for the day was already done, all the luggage was taken care of, all of our duties were done, so we decided to make a little video,” video participant Dannon Kredo told KSEE. “We heard from our bosses after our video hit about like 300,000 views, and so we had got the attention of a lot of people apparently, and I guess that they didn’t like that.”

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

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