David Price Will Give Each Dodgers Minor Leaguer $1K of Own Money [Report]

Dodgers pitcher David Price is reportedly stepping up to help players in the L.A. farm system, at a time when many minor leaguers have lost their job, due to the shutdown. The former Red Sox ace has yet to play an MLB game with his new team.

Price will pay $1,000 out of his pocket to each minor leaguer not on the 40-man roster in June, according to a Tweet from Francys Romero.

Minor leaguers have been receiving $400 per month during the shutdown, per an MLB agreement, but those payments are set to expire at the end of May. The Dodgers, however, have agreed to continue paying those players after that deal expires, according to Baseball America.

Thursday, hundreds of minor league players were cut and lost their jobs across baseball, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

The Red Sox sent Price to the Dodgers in February in a trade that included all-star Mookie Betts.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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