Gordon Hayward Crashes Charlestown High Basketball Team’s Zoom Meeting

Gordon Hayward isn’t letting the coronavirus stop him from spreading some positivity in the local community. The Celtics forward recently crashed a Charlestown High School boys Basketball Zoom meeting – and the reactions on the kids’ faces were priceless.

The team was, appropriately, discussing what makes the Celtics an effective team, when Hayward joined the call at about the 1:28 mark. He then spent several minutes with the team, answering questions and sharing words of inspiration.

“How many of you guys have dreams and goals?” Hayward asked, on the call. “I think you should all make your dreams the highest they can be. Play in the NBA — don’t sell yourself short. You can do anything you want to do. You have to, first and foremost, dream about it. I think it’s important to write them because it allows you to see it every day. And, when you cross it off, you get some pride and it makes you feel good."

Before it was all over, Hayward let the team know that he would be hooking them up with some Celtics merchandise, and said he would be checking in with them during the basketball season.

Also priceless: after Hayward left the call, the players, again, went crazy. Then, one of them said “I’m glad I screen recorded that!” We are too.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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