It's Brad Delp From Boston In This Sunday's "Decibel Diaries" On WZLX

Sunday nights from 10 to midnight, WZLX presents THE DECIBEL DIARIES - Two hours of music, stories, and interviews from Carter Alan's 40-year-old vault!

To celebrate what would have been Brad Delp’s birthday on Friday June 12, Carter dives into his store of interviews and music from Boston’s late singer. You’ll hear comments from his band mates Tom Scholz and Barry Goudreau, as well as Delp talking about Boston, his love of the Beatles and side-band Beatlejuice

It’s a belated birthday party for Brad Delp on The Decibel Diaries!

Thanks to Allan dines for the use of his Brad Delp photos!

Brad Delp - Photo Courtesy Allan Dines -
Brad Delp Photo Courtesy Allan Dines

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