Everett’s Night Shift Brewing, Teddie Peanut Butter Team For “Spooky” Beer

Just in time for Halloween, two local businesses are teaming up for a brew they say is “so good, it’s scary.”

Everett neighbors Night Shift Brewing and Teddie Peanut Butter have teamed up to create “Spooky Spice,” an imperial stout beer with a sweet, Halloween candy flavor, according to their Instagram. The specialty beer is made with cinnamon, vanilla, caramel and (Teddie) peanut butter.

The only trick here is that you gotta’ go pick it up. According to IG, it's available today at the Everett taproom and next Friday at their Lovejoy taproom in Boston.

Lucky for us, both businesses are about a five-minute walk from the station...

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