Black Sabbath To Remaster, Reissue First Two Albums With Ronnie James Dio

Black Sabbath has announce plans to reissue its first two albums that featured the late-Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals, 1980's Heaven and Hell and 1981's Mob Rules.

Former Rainbow singer Dio, joined Black Sabbath in 1979 following the departure of co-founder Ozzy Osbourne.

With Dio established at the head of the snake, Sabbath found a fresh new sound, turning out a pair of mid-career triumphs after years in creative limbo.

Heaven and Hell features a several works of classic heavy metal mastery, like the epic title track, "Neon Knights," Die Young" and "Lady Evil."

Not to be outdone, Mob Rules, the first Sabbath record to feature drummer Vinnie Appice, contains classics like "Turn Up the Night," "Sign of the Southern Cross" and its own title track.

Both reissues will be available on March 5.

Along with remastered versions of both original LPs, the deluxe editions of each album feature a wealth of bonus material. The Heaven and Hell deluxe edition includes live versions of "Children of the Sea" and "Neon Knights." The Mob Rules deluxe edition includes an entire never-before-released live concert form 1982 in Portland, Oregon.

For more information on the Heaven and Hell deluxe edition, go here. For more on the Mob Rules special edition, go here.

Photo: Getty Images