Dave Grohl Tells iHeartRadio's Booker His Secret To Making Documentaries

Dave Grohl's a bona fide documentarian. In the past decade, he's directed Sound City, Sonic Highways, and most recently What Drives Us and Cradle To Stage.

So what's the Foo Fighters frontman's secret to making such engaging films? Being a rockstar himself doesn't hurt.

“Because I’m a musician, this is my advantage when we do these documentaries, I don’t necessarily interview the musicians. We just talk musician to musician, and in those candid conversations you open up something a little deeper," he divulged during a recent interview with iHeartRadio's Booker. “I’ve been wasted with most of these people. In the last 30 years, I’ve been hammered with most everyone in every documentary I’ve ever done, so it’s not unlike the two of us just belly up to a bar somewhere.”

Grohl also admitted that he rarely prepares before interviews. “When I go in to interview people I’ll do a little bit of research but I like not knowing, because when I’m asking them questions I’m legitimately like, ‘Wait, what’s your deal?’ Because I usually don’t know, which makes me feel like the viewer," he said. “I think it’s important to humanize the whole thing. That’s the intention of every documentary I’ve ever done. The whole thing is meant to pull back the curtain to show [that] it’s just people making music, so if you humanize the process then it might inspire someone else to think ‘I could do it too.’”

What Drives Us is out now. Find out how you can stream it here.

Photo: Getty Images