Mashpee TikToker Reads Comments In Neighborhood Facebook Groups; Goes Viral

A local man is poking fun at some seriously toxic behavior in local Facebook groups, and he’s getting millions of views in the process.

Mashpee native Anthony Varela (@nobodycaresanthony) posted the following video on TikTok, which now has over 4 million views on the platform. In the video, he analyzes an angry exchange among members of a Facebook group for Plymouth residents.

Despite the playful nature of his posts, Varela is sensitive to the unfortunate nature of the very content he highlights.

“You’d think something like a global pandemic would bring about unity, similar to like what 9/11 did. But it has had like the opposite effect almost, where there is more division, more conflict and hostility with our country,” Varela said to WBZ-TV. “And I feel like the best medicine for that is laughter and humor, and to like step back and take a look and be like, ‘Guys, we’re really coming at each other and we need to come together. Like, let’s not take things too seriously.'”

Following the massive response to his TikTok content, Varela was inspired to create his own Facebook group “The Town Facebook Group Ridiculousness,” where he continues to highlight hilariously hostile and otherwise just plain funny exchanges among members. That group has already amassed over 15+ thousand members.

That’s a solid number, but nowhere near the 127+ thousand followers he’s managed to draw on TikTok so far.

Want to see more from Varela? Check out his TikTok page.

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