Watch Travis Pastrana Narrowly Break Mt. Washington Hillclimb Record in NH

Photo: Getty Images

This is stressful, just to watch! Words can’t do it justice.

Motorsports racer and stunt performer Travis Pastrana knows his way around New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. After all, he set the mountain’s uphill climb record back in 2017, when he reached the peak in 5 minutes and 44 seconds. So, why return to what he has called “probably the toughest road to drive flat-out in the world” when you’re already the king? Because he’s, well, driven (sorry, had to).

Over the weekend, Pastrana returned with new wheels, an 826-horsepower Subaru "Airslayer" WRX STI that was built for his Gymkhana 2020 video. After the dust (and clouds) settled, Pastrana finished his latest attempt with a time that was 16 seconds faster, at 5:28.67.

Don’t go thinking this is some new, made up record Pastrana has been setting and resetting, either. People have been racing the Mount Washington Hill Climb, aka the Climb to the Clouds, since 1904.

So, is he done? Not likely.

“Luckily we really had good weather this year and I knew if I could get a clean run in, I’d have a great shot at the 5:44 time,” Pastrana said, after the race. “So much fun and I can’t wait to do it again next time!”

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