Watch Woman In Heels Own Viral Milk Crate Challenge; Others Fail Miserably

Another potentially dangerous challenge has shown up on TikTok and, this time, it’s got people crying tears of laughter (and pain) over spilled milk [crates]. Enter the “Milk Crate Challenge,” where people attempt to climb and descend carefully stacked pyramids of crates. SPOILER: It usually ends badly.

Videos of the challenge started going vital on TikTok, before getting shared to Twitter and other social platforms.

The challenge immediately evokes two questions: 1) Why would anyone try this? and 2) How do you even get that many milk crates?

Even if you could track enough crates down to take the challenge, please don’t try this at home (seriously though). That’s not just us saying it – actual doctors are publicly speaking out against the new TikTok craze:

“The Milk Crate Challenge is very dangerous, and we are seeing many orthopedic injuries as a result of the falls,” Dr. Shawn Anthony, an orthopedic surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, told the “Today” show. “Injuries can include broken wrists, shoulder dislocations, ACL and meniscus tears, as well as life-threatening conditions like spinal cord injuries.”

Here are some of the worst fails, followed by a woman who not only completed the challenge but, incredibly, did it in heels.

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

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