Jason Aldean Says His Latest Single 'Takes Me Back' To High School Days

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Jason Aldean debuted his latest single earlier this month, and the country hitmaker explained how the song “takes me back” to high school days in a nostalgic interview.

“I had fun in high school,” Aldean said in a one-minute clip he shared to his social media channels on Friday (January 28). Growing up in Macon, Georgia, Aldean estimated that his graduating class was “maybe 50 people.” In a small high school, “we all knew each other, we were all friends. Half of us dated each other at some point,” Aldean recalled. “It was like, we just kind of all grew up together… If you broke up, you just kind of knew that whoever it was, was gonna be dating one of your friends in a couple weeks. It kind of was what it was.”

Though that might sound like the recipe for a heartbreak, Aldean said he “loved it.” He hopes to catch up with some of his former classmates after missing the last reunion because he was touring at the time: “…I didn’t get a chance to catch up with a lot of them (around the time of the reunion), but hopefully they’ll do another one soon and I can make it. (It’d be) fun to see everybody, for sure.”

Aldean released “Trouble With A Heartbreak” earlier this month. The breakup anthem is the latest single released from his massive double album, which includes a total of 30 songs on the project. The first 15-track collection, Macon, released in November. The second 15-track installment, Georgia, is slated to release on April 22. Listen to Aldean explain why the song makes him reminiscent of his high school days here:

Listen to “Trouble With A Heartbreak” here:

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