Led Zeppelin Hand-Picked For Sharp Objects' Soundtrack


"Please don't tell Mama," Amma says to Camille just as the screen cuts to black in the series finale of HBO's Sharp Objects — the eight part miniseries based on author Gillian Flynn's 2006 debut novel.

Led Zeppelin's "In the Evening" begins to play before a jump cut to Amma murdering her high school classmates. It's a grisly ending to a very grim story of the murder mystery in the sweaty town of Wind Gap, Missouri.

In the the first three episodes of Sharp Objects, Led Zeppelin almost acts as a featured character and the main soundtrack for Amy Adams' Camille as she drives her banged up Volvo through the country roads of this fictional town. The music's presence is best explained by the back scenes of Camille — a broken young woman who meets a young girl in a psychiatric hospital near Chicago after years of self-harm. Listening to Led Zeppelin was how the roommate, and later Camille, escaped their torment. Major scenes include the cracked iPod that accompanies Camille everywhere. 

Music supervisor Susan Jacobs and series director Jean-Marc Vallée explained to Esquire magazine that throughout the season they'd been searching for songs with specific lyrics to use. That's where Led Zeppelin came in. The music was, if we look back at the story, tipping us off to what was to play out. 

If you have yet to watch Sharp Objects, it's comes in eight easy-to-binge episodes. 

Be warned though, while the music is good, the subject matter is very dark. Consider that a trigger warning.  

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