Boston Emissions Playlist 12/3/17

||| Local Songs of the Week |||

1) Diablogato – Paint The Devil On the Wall 

2) Parlour Bells – Sanctuary Cities

3) Scissorfight – The Devil’s Shingle

Boston Emissions Playlist | 12/3/17

The Sheila Divine – Awful Age

Worshipper – High Above The Clouds
Fri 12/8 at ONCE Ballroom with Hey Zeus, Justine and the Unclean, Tom Baker and the Snakes

Phenomenal Sun – Gone and Alone
--Feb 3 at O’Brien’s, Allston with Cortez, David Age & the Regrets, Test Meat

Carissa Johnson – Fuel Heart
--Thurs, 12/7 at Boston Music Awards, House of Blues
---Sat, 3/10 Great Scott, Allston for new record Talk Talk Talk release with Watts, The Organ Beats, Lady Pills

Permafrost – Happy Birthday To A Friend To Whom I’m No Longer Speaking

Sarah Borges – Hands and Knees

NEW | Birdwatching - Yes, Regrets
--Sat 12/9 O’Brien’s, Allston with Hammy Down, Ozlo, Heavy Pockets

NEW | FiDEL – Back in Front 

--Sat 12/23 at O’Brien’s, Allston

Something Sneaky – Brighten

Coaches – Elizabeth Warren

NEW | The Evil Streaks - Batwing
--Fri 12/15 O’Brien’s Allston with Muck and the Mires, The Downbeat 5, Black Cheers

Sidewalk Driver – Everybody Loves My Face

The Cold Expectations – Heart On My Sleeve
--Fri 12/8 at ONCE Lounge

Dark Wheels - Mighty Sky


Test Meat - He Don’t Know
--Feb 3 at O'Brien's with Cortez, David Age & the Regrets, Test Meat, Phenomenal Sun

Will Dailey – I Would Die For You

Backwards Dancer – I Saw Your Spirit

Animal Flag – Sensation

no hope/no harm – this Living Wage
--Dec 7 at House of Blues for Boston Music Awards

David Age & The Regrets – Heaven

Justine and the Unclean – Love Got Me Into This Mess
--Fri 12/8 ONCE Ballroom and Lounge - the Get Unclean release show

NEW | Low E– Great Day
--12/22 at Sally O’Brien’s Somerville

Mutoid Man – Bandages for show info


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