Godsmack's Sully Erna Among Artists For No Phone Show Zones

Pride of the Merrimack Valley, Sully Erna chimed in on the debate over cell phone use at shows. In a recent interview on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Godsmack's founder and frontman says that there's "something really magical that happens when" you are not experiencing live performances through a "little four-inch screen." Many other touring artists are calling on technology like Yondr to keep fans from taking amateur photos and videos during shows. Among those who have taken action to keep shows “phone free” are The Misfits, Alicia Keys, Cage the Elephant, Guns N’ Roses, and comedian Dave Chappelle. 

 For anyone who scored tickets to the Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart shows in Boston in June at the Boch Wang Theater, it will be a requirement to place cell phones and smart watches in pouches to create what they are calling “a phone-free viewing experience.”

Some bands have taken a hard line. Last fall, A Perfect Circle made news by having fans who ignored their no cell phone rule tossed out. They weren’t kidding. As many as 60 people were ejected from one APC show for breaking the photo rules. Singer Maynard James Keenan is known for making odd demands -- case in point: I saw the band at the Berklee Performance Center one summer a number of years ago where there was no air conditioning allowed on in the theater for the band’s set. What a guy. 

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