Boston Emissions Playlist 4/29/18

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A Celebration of the Life and Art of Caleb Scofield

New music from Spelling, SkyTigers, Gray Bouchard, Threat Level Burgundy, The I Want You, The Rupert Selection plus CaspianThe Shods, Converge, Cave In, Read Yellow, Carissa Johnson, The Gravel Pit + New Local Songs Of The Week.


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Local Songs of the Week

Awaaz Do - RLM 

Blindspot - All I Am

Exit 18 - All Yours

Helen - Locked In My Mind 

Thank you, Exit 18 and Helen. After nearly three months on the top 3, we retire you to the LSOTW Hall of Fame. Job well done.

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Playlist 4/29/18

The Shods - I Know A Place

Gray Bouchard - When I Was Yours 

Cave In - The World Is In Your WayWeds, 6/13/18 at Royale in Boston with ConvergeOld Man GloomYoung WidowsThe Cancer Conspiracy--with 100% of proceeds to be donated to Caleb Scofield's family.

Carissa Johnson - Badlands 

The Rupert Selection - Riddance

SkyTigers - Suffocate for Beauty

Rock N' Lowell FestFriday at Uncharted in Lowell Azer , The Cosmic Vultures, Phil Cambra & the Space Cadets, Awaaz Do, The Shirts And Shoes, Threat Level Burgundy

Saturday at Uncharted in LowellEvan Kelley, Jonas, the Cloud, SkyTigers, The Rupert Selection, Landing Feet First, Deer LeapThreat Level Burgundy - Dragons…

Spelling - Hair of the Dog

Bliss - False Flag The Color and Sound - Graves 

Kave Kraft - Fake Ceiling

The I Want You - All Beat Up 

The Gravel Pit - Officer Dwight Boyd

Full Body Anchor - Offering 

Animal Flag - Void Ripper 

Caspian - Arcs of Command

Long Time - River 

Read Yellow - Model AmericaConverge -  A Single Tear -6/13/18 at Royale in Boston with ConvergeOld Man Gloom, Young WidowsThe Cancer Conspiracy--with 100% of proceeds to be donated to Caleb Scofield's family.


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