It's a Led Zeppelin Thanksgiving!

Combining our love of classic rock with the Thanksgiving holiday is a pleasure here at WZLX!  So, as you make your way home or to the relatives for your celebration, here's a "Led Zeppelin Thanksgiving Playlist!"  It will help to speed you on your way - through the hysterical airport terminal, clogged highways, or that Greyhound with the bathroom door in back that keeps opening and then slamming shut every time the driver steps on the gas.  Through the good times and bad times of your journey - just remember to stay cool; after all we're all after the same thing - to bring it on home!

"FRIENDS/CELEBRATION DAY" (LED ZEPPELIN III - 1970)    Here we go! It's the Thanksgiving Holiday and it's time to hang with family (and your friends too).      

"OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY" (HOUSES OF THE HOLY - 1973)  -  Grab everybody and climb in the car because we're heading over the river and through the woods…I mean over the hills and far away, to grandma's house.  This is a good song to play while you're getting everybody out the door, but make sure everyone hits the bathroom first!

"BRING IT ON HOME" (LED ZEPPELIN II - 1969) -  We've arrived at the homestead.  Time to rub some life back in your legs and stretch out those back muscles after hours cramped in the car staring at license plates or getting smacked by that airline seat reclining into your face. 

"BIG LOG" (R. Plant THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS - 1983) -  The house is warm and toasty with a roaring blaze in the fireplace.  Grab a big log (or FOUR STICKS if the flames are getting low) and stoke that thing.

"THANK YOU" (LED ZEPPELIN II - 1969) -  The meal is on the table, time to say grace and remember what this holiday is all about.

"HOT DOG" (LED ZEPPELIN PRESENCE - 1976) - Of course, this is a turkey hot dog, with all the fixins'.

"CUSTARD PIE" (LED ZEPPELIN PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI - 1975) - On to dessert!  Most people cap off the traditional turkey dinner with pumpkin, apple, or mincemeat pie; but Led Zeppelin never did a song about one of those, so all we have is custard this year.

"ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE" (R. Plant DREAMLAND - 2002)  - This cover of the Bob Dylan classic is a perfect way to move onto the final course.  If you don't drink java, ask the host and hostess if they have TEA FOR ONE.

"SICK AGAIN" (Led Zeppelin PHYSICAL GRAFFITTI - 1975)  - You ate too much!  Or that custard pie on top of the salad on top of the stuffing on top of the cranberry sauce on top of the turkey got on top of you!

"RAMBLE ON" (Led Zeppelin II - 1969) - Good news; the family had some Tums and you're feeling good enough for the drive or flight home; unfortunately, everyone else is leaving at the same time.  Hopefully some of that holiday spirit will carry you through the TSA line or the Interstate with at least some sense of humor.  just remember: have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Carter Alan

Carter Alan

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