Happy Birthday Bono! Try Your Hand At Some U2 Trivia.

Bono celebrates a birthday today! And not only that; his daughter Jordan also has a birthday on May 10th - she turns 30 on this day. To celebrate, how about accepting the WZLX trivia challenge. See how many of these U2 questions you can answer!

1 Who sang the song "The Wanderer" on ZOOROPA?

2 "The Sweetest Thing" was a hit single in 1998, but it first appeared as the B-side to what single off 1987's THE JOSHUA TREE?

3. Bono & Edge wrote the song "She's a Mystery to Me" for what singer?

4. What members of U2 were on Band-Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" in 1984?

5. What is the hidden track at the end of the hits CD 1980 to 1990?

6. Bono wrote the lyrics of the song "Iris" for his mother, who passed away in 1974. How did she die?

7 Larry has a son whose name is fashioned after a music legend. What is his son's name?

8 What was the first soundtrack that one of the members wrote all the music for?

9 Name the L.A. liquor store U2 played on the roof of to shoot its "Where the Streets Have No Name" video in 1987?

10 When U2 played it's ZOOROPA tour in 1997, what Monkees song did the Edge often sing?

  1. Johnny Cash
  2. "Where the Streets Have No Name"
  3. Roy Orbison
  4. Bono and Adam
  5. "October"
  6. She had a brain aneurysm
  7. Aaron Elvis Mullen (after Elvis Aaron Presley)
  8. CAPTIVE by the Edge
  9. Republic Liquors
  10. "Daydream Believer"

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