Own A Chris Cornell Or Eric Clapton Guitar...How About Eddie's Ferrari?

Gottahaverockandroll.com is sponsoring a fabulous rock and roll auction until December 4th, so if you got the cash, you may be interested in one of these fabulous pieces of history up for grabs!

Chris Cornell's 1966 Candy Apple Red Fender 'Jazzmaster' guitar used during the recording of Soundgarden's Superunknown album and definitely on the song "Fell on Black Days." Cornell gave the guitar to his childhood buddy friend Chris Bond, who has now put it up for auction. The guitar is estimated to sell for between $175,000 and $250,000. Bidding starts at $125,000..

Eric Clapton's 1954 "Slowhand" Fender 'Stratocaster' guitar used on the road from 1978 for at least five years. It was set up for slide playing and tuned to G for Clapton's opening concert numbers. This instrument would accompany Clapton's more famous "Brownie" and "Blackie" Strats on tour. The minimum bid is a million bucks, but the expected price could be twice that.

Eddie Van Halen's 2000 Ferrari Custom 6-speed race car. Black and sleek, could you imagine owning one of Eddie's rides? And if you actually want to drive it rather than preserve it in some museum or in a hallowed space in your garage, it's only got 28,000 miles on it! Minimum bid - $200,000.

Jimmy Page's Yamaha Acoustic guitar used as his travel guitar in 2012. The autographed guitar was originally auctioned off in a Children's Charity Benefit and now resurfaces in 2020. Minimum bid is a relatively modest $90,000.

Also on the block: a pair of John Lennon 'Granny Glasses,' Gene Simmons' stage-used 1979 Axe Bass guitar, a Fender 'Telecaster' used by Bruce Springsteen on his 1980 "The River" tour, a relatively obscure Jimi Hendrix-owned 1966 Gibson 'Melody Maker,' Chuck Berry electric guitar, signed Pink Floyd and Queen albums and much more! Check out the auction here:


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