New Website Devoted To The Post-1983 Work Of Pink Floyd Is Operational

A new website called Publius Enigma, focusing on Pink Floyd's and its members' solo efforts since 1983 has been launched. Although not an official band project, the website is an accurate treasure trove of information about Floyd's albums since The Final Cut, which was Roger Waters swansong in the studio with the group. After that point the bassist and songwriter famously sued to dissolve the band but was resisted successfully by David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright, who continued to release several records under the Pink Floyd name.

Not only does the site offer in-depth articles on the Pink Floyd catalogue, but also the far-larger collection of solo releases by all of the members and associated musicians. Roger Waters, who began a solo career in earnest after The Final Cut, has the largest number of these, including his concert recreations of Pink Floyd's iconic The Wall onstage in Berlin in 1990 and more recently in its massive worldwide touring version.

The following is quoted from the new website: "Recognizing the foundation they were able to launch these post-1983 projects on, namely the strength of Pink Floyd's Waters and Syd Barrett eras, Publius Enigma seeks to collect, organize, analyze, and record historical details about the band after the release of The Final Cut for educational and archival purposes.

Publius Enigma is a donated Wolf & King Media project under the direction of Ed Lopez-Reyes. Unless otherwise indicated, photography has been donated by Marie Lopez Photography and the artwork provided by Ahmed Emad Eldin, designer of the album cover for Pink Floyd's The Endless River." 

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