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Todd Krinsky, President and CEO, Reebok

Todd Krinsky was appointed President and CEO of Reebok in September 2022 after three decades of unwavering service to the company. As a Reebok “lifer”, Todd leads the company’s continued commitment to creating industry-leading, innovative products and embodying its “irreverent” brand identity.

During his 30 years at Reebok, Todd has touched every aspect of the business - from category leadership to merchandising management to sports and entertainment marketing and more - even spending time overseas managing product development. This intrinsic knowledge allows him to pay homage to the company’s deep-rooted heritage, while seamlessly accelerating Reebok into its next chapter.

Todd is devoted to cultivating the forward-thinking and risk-taking foundation that Reebok was built on nearly 130 years ago, creating a culture that couples one of the most iconic, most recognizable sports brands with a start-up mentality and energy. What sets Todd apart as a leader, however, is his ability to inspire Reebok’s team to keep the product as the heartbeat of the company through storytelling, collaboration and execution.

Throughout his tenure, Todd has played an instrumental role in many focal moments for Reebok. He led the execution of Reebok’s partnership with Jay-Z on the S. Carter Collection, which was the first-ever fusion of a music artist and sports brand. This pioneered an entirely new vertical for the company and the industry, leading to subsequent partnerships with artists, including Pharrell Williams, 50 Cent and most recently, Cardi B.

Despite Reebok’s emersion into other verticals, Todd never lost site of the brand’s commitment to sport. He and his team signed break-through deals with not only first-class athletes like Allen Iverson, but also secured pivotal long-term contracts with both the NBA and NHL.

Tapping into another important and historic vertical for Reebok, Todd’s most recent and most notable accomplishment prior to becoming CEO, was leading the explosive growth of the iconic Classic Leather and Club C shoes.

Todd has received many accolades through his career, including Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Industry Award.” He also ranked eighth on Complex Magazine’s list of the “Most Powerful People in Sneakers.” Additionally, Todd sits on the board for The Ron Burton Training Village, a non-profit organization whose mission is to train youth to achieve their purpose through an active lifestyle.

With an engaged and collaborative approach to leadership, Todd consistently reinforces Reebok’s values: Movement, Momentum, Community and Creativity. He is dedicated to living and breathing this brand purpose every day. In this vein, Todd can occasionally be found playing pickleball or shooting hoops with the Reebok team at its Boston Headquarters.

A graduate of Ithaca College and an avid runner and boxer, Todd resides in South Easton, MA. He is a proud husband and super-dad to four remarkable children, who he deems as his inspiration for everything he does.

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