You Can’t Wear A Bruins Jersey In Tampa Club Seats


Since 2015 The Tampa Bay Lightning have instituted an “Away Jersey Policy” for Club Area seating after they felt that fans of the original six teams were swamping their growing fan base. 

According to, here are your options:

 If you are an away fan who really wants to sit in a Club seat, and you have decided to show up in your away jersey, the arena is nice enough to give you a few options.

  1. Take off your away-branded items and coat check them with Guest Services. You will be given an unmarked black or blue shirt in return.
  2. Get a re-entry pass, go to your hotel and change, and return. You can also have a free unmarked black or blue shirt if you choose this option.
  3. Relocate your ticket to somewhere where there is no jersey restriction. This is a nice option! They’ll give you comparable seats in the right section, and you don’t have to change.
  4. Get a refund and go home. 
Wait, they will give you an unmarked blue or black shirt to wear? Bwahahahahahaha...GO B’s!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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