Bruce Springsteen Getting Tony Award Next Month

Via Last week The Tony Awards announced that Bruce Springsteen would be receiving a special award for his long running show, “Springsteen on Broadway”. 

When announcing his plans for a five night a week show at the Walter Kerr Theatre back in August 2017, Bruce said it was probably the smallest venue he’s played in the last 40 years. 

“My idea was really just to present the work that I’ve done for the past 40 years or so and let it speak for itself,” Springsteen explained. “I didn’t feel like I needed to get on a soapbox or be real ideological about it. I wanted the night to play very naturally, and be broad enough to be about all the things I’ve written about over the years. And in that way, in the contrast, it would comment.”

It’s become as hard a Broadway ticket to get as Hamilton! In March Springsteen announced that the show will be extended through to December 15th, 2018 with eighty-one performances being added. This marks the third time Springsteen On Broadway has been extended since its initial eight-week run and will bring the total number of “Springsteen On Broadway” performances to 236. Good luck getting tickets!

The Tony Awards will air live from Radio City Music Hall in New York on CBS June 10th at 8pm.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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