New Playboy Club Opens In New York This Saturday


Via  At one time, Playboy claimed that it had 750,000 members across its 30 clubs, but business and interest dried up in the mid-1970s, and by the late 80's every club had shut down. Now, The Playboy Club returns to New York this Saturday, 32 years after the original venue closed. 

According to the press release: “The space will feature a lounge area, a game room and a full-service dining room, but by far the most attractive feature of Playboy Club New York will undoubtedly be the return of the Playboy Bunnies to Manhattan. The alluring Playboy Bunny hostesses, waitresses and cocktail servers have a worldwide, well-deserved reputation for their style and graciousness.”

A "Top Tier" membership will cost you $250,000 and a Playboy Club source said that they had already sold “$2.2 million worth of memberships. 

The Playboy Club will be located on the west side of Manhattan,  just a few blocks from where hundreds of thousands of people took part in a Women’s March back in January. Can Playboy still survive in the  #MeToo era? Many people are saying no, but this Saturday Playboy Bunnies will be serving drinks again.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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