"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Turns 27 Today!!!

September 10, 1991, the first single from Nirvana's second album "Nevermind" was released. Just a few weeks prior to the recording of the album, Kurt Cobain began playing a guitar riff that bassist Krist Novoselic hated. Kurt punished Krist by making the band play the riff over and over for an hour and a half. After probably being hypnotized by the experience, Krist started to like the riff and suggested that they play it at a reduced speed. The altered riff become the iconic intro to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Dave Grohl then punctuated it with that incredible drum beat.

Hard to believe that one of rock's most iconic songs is already 27, I know, it makes you feel old, but whatever your age enjoy the rock punch in the face this song gives you!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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