Start Your Day With Cereal Flavored Beer!

Coney Island Brewery

 Via Metro.usConey Island Brewing’s Matt McCall was a three bowls of cereal in the morning kid. Never liking mimosas for brunch, an idea hit him like a sugar rush from drinking cereal milk, make a morning beer that reminds you of your childhood.

 Count Flocula is a Kölsch-style beer aged on cocoa nibs, while the Blueberry Boo-Liner is a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse aged on blueberry puree. Both use a biscuit malt for a more bready flavor and are brewed with marshmallow creme. But the real secret to getting that cereal mouthfeel: lactose, added while the in-progress beers are boiling. “That gives it a back-end sweetness and a milk texture emulating cereal,” he explains. Both brews top out at a morning-friendly 5.5% ABV.

The beer drinking pyramid is now complete. You really can have a beer any time of day!

Do you think the GOAT could throw one of these down as part of his training regimen?

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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