Most Terrifying Hang Gliding Experience Ever!


Via You go on vacation to an exotic, faraway land, and you see that adventure can be yours for a fee. For me, it was in Jamaica when I went parasailing over Montego Bay being pulled by a boat. After a quick description of what to do, I was strapped in a harness and pulled hundreds of feet in the air. As I was taking in the sights, I felt the left side of my harness rip. That's when I noticed the buckles were rusted and fabric was frayed. For ten minutes I white knuckled that parachute rope back to Mother Earth , then drank myself into oblivion.

 Chris Gursky was on vacation in Switzerland and decided to try hang gliding with an instructor. Only problem was that the instructor forgot one important thing.

Chris wrote, “My first time Hang Gliding turned into a near death experience as my safety harness was never hooked to the Glider."

For 2 minutes and 14 seconds he had to hang on, and it's one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen!

Could you have the strength to do this? He held on so tight he tore a bicep muscle.

The video is fantastic and his running commentary is hilarious. He'll have a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Check this out!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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