People Share The Hell That Is, "The Office Bathroom"


Back in June, we moved from our Brighton location to our new gleaming World Headquarters in Medford. The new place is spectacular, however, we used to have our own private bathroom facility at the old place right outside the studio door. Occasionally, a rock star would have to use it and it would need to be fumigated, but we never realized how good we had it until we had to start using a bathroom with a couple hundred other people.

If you share a work bathroom, you can relate. Which stall do you use if one is occupied? Urinal spaceage, eye contact, and who brushes their teeth in the office bathroom?

Here are 26 tweets of people sharing their own personal office bathroom horror stories, and they are spot on as well as hysterical.

Click here to enter "The Hell That Is Using Your Office Bathroom".

This is one of my favorites...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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