Will You Get A Real Or Fake Xmas Tree?

Via Boston.cbslocal.com. It's almost time for us to fire up the family SUV, load everybody in, and head out to get the family Christmas tree. I get to be the one who pulls the tree out and hold it while we do the Goldilocks routine.

"It's too skinny, it's not full enough, it's not big enough, it doesn't smell right..."

One year I didn't participate and my wife drove into the garage with the tree still on the roof of the car. Man, that was fun trying to get it out of there.

But the times are changing. The American Christmas Tree Association says 80 percent of those in the United States who put up a tree are going artificial in 2018. That’s up more than 30 percent since 1992. Things have taken such a turn, they have a million dollar ad campaign to get you out to buy a real tree called, "It's Christmas, Keep It Real."

So what's it going to be? Dragging a balsam into the house, or dragging the metal tree down from the attic?

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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