P. McCartney Drives By Sullivan Theater 55 Years After Beatles US Debut

On February 9, 1964 at 8pm, the British Invasion began at 1697 Broadway in New York City when the Beatles played The Ed Sullivan Show on live TV.

Three quarters of the US population watching television, over 73 million people, tuned in to watch these British imports. That’s Patriots in the Super Bowl kind of watching!

From the moment they hit the first note, shook their mop tops, and smiled, the screams drowned them out, and music would never be the same.

Last night, almost at the exact time, on the 55th anniversary of their ground breaking performance, Paul McCartney slowly rode past the historic theater in a car. He posted a video on Instagram of him describing the night. You have to wonder what he was thinking as the car pauses before the front doors.

Check it out...

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