The Twilight Zone Returns April Fools Day

The Twilight Zone debuted on CBS in 1958 with Rod Serling hosting the classic sci-fi series until 1964. Each episode telling a tale, or sometimes two, rooted in horror, suspense, drama and comedy, many times with a surprising twist at the end. "It's a cookbook!"

Appropriately, The Twilight Zone returns on April Fool's Day, but this time it's narrated and produced by Academy Award winner Jordan Peele. Unfortunately, it looks like you have to get CBS All Access to see it though. They just released the trailer and it looks pretty cool. Tracy Morgan is in a comedy club asking someone, "You happy with your life? Don't you want it all?" Could Adam Scott could be recreating “Nightmare At 30,000 Feet,” one of the best episodes brought to life by my dear friend William Shatner in the original series.

Get the music stuck in your head, Dee-de-dee-dee-dee-de-dee-dee...and take a look.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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