Testicle Flavored Beer Is Here. This Is Nuts!

This past week a brewery introduced "Lucky Charms" flavored beer. I don't know about you but I can't see myself downing a brew that tastes like green clovers while I'm watching a Pats game. Now comes a story from Delish.com that there's not one, but two testicle flavored beers. It just seems anatomically correct that there would be.

Before you think, "why would I want to put something like that in my mouth?", it turns out the first one, Hvalur, is made for Iceland's Thorri Festival by Stedji Brewery. You really seem to get your money's worth, each batch uses one 15 to 18 pound whale testicle, and as a bonus, they also smoke it in sheep excrement. I think it pairs perfectly with the rotten (fermented) shark, sour (cured) whale fat, and ram's testicles" they eat during the Thorri Festival.

The other beer to have a ball with is Wynkoop Brewing Company's Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Roasted with barley, seven specialty grains, “steerian” golding hops, and obviously, bull testicles, the beer has a 7.2 ABV and a nice "meaty" flavor.

Let's order pizza and crack a two pack! You have to watch the video to see what they do with the whale cojones to make this.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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