What It Looks Like When An Avalanche Hits Your Car


Colorado's Interstate 70. I know this road well, having traveled it multiple times to visit my in laws in Eagle, just outside of Vail. It's beautiful, winding through the giant mountains, but it's treacherous too. The speed limit is 75mph, which means everyone goes 95. The downhills are epic, all you smell are burning truck brakes as you hurdle down mountains past runaway truck ramps. We got stuck in a rock slide on I-70 for about ten hours when our kids were small. I never knew little kids had to pee so much until then.

So I was not surprised when I saw this avalanche barreling toward I-70 this weekend during peak after ski traffic near Copper Mountain. I was also not surprised when people treated this like it was no big thing. “It hit the road. There were no cars buried. No injuries,” Colorado State Patrol Trooper Tim Schaefer told The Denver Post. The highway department had the road cleared in 90 minutes and everyone was back to singing "Rocky Mountain High" on the way home. Check out the video...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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