Chris Farley Made The Greatest Entrance Ever On David Letterman In 1996

Chris Farley was the best physical comedian of his time. Whether doing a shirtless Chippendales dance to Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend” with Patrick Swayze, or hurling himself onto a coffee table as Matt Foley, who was “living in a van down by the river,” he was a lovable giant who moved like a five year old on a sugar rush. Sadly, his life followed the path of fellow Saturday Night Live cast member John Belushi. They both died of drug overdoses at the age of 33.

In February of 1996 Chris Farley made what David Letterman declared was the best entrance ever on his show. Crashing through the doors at the back of The Ed Sullivan Theater, he pinballs through the crowd high fiving, hugging, bumping, kidnapping, cartwheeling, and eventually landing in a chair completely out of breath. It’s amazing to watch, and don’t miss his demonstration of flexibility with the splits!