Tonight On American Pickers They Restore Aerosmith's First Van!

Last summer, a 1964 International Harvester Metro was found on the property of a Chesterfield, Massachusetts resident who had lived on the property since 2005. The owner, Phil, pulled the decrepit van up from beneath the dirt with his son, and it had remained untouched on a car trailer ever since. It said "Aerosmith" on the side with a "Keep on truckin'" kind of logo. Could it possibly be the van the band used to get around before becoming Rock and Roll Hall of Famers? The guys from "American Pickers" swooped in, they brought out original Aerosmith member Ray Tabano to check it out, and confirmed that it did indeed haul the band around back in the day.

The pickers settled on a price of $25,000, and featured the find on an episode called "Roll Like A Rock Star" which aired on History July 30, 2018. Tonight, in a brand new episode called "Rock n' Roll Heaven", the guys tackle the painstaking preservation of Aerosmith’s original tour van back to it's glory, the Holy Grail of band vans!

American Pickers, tonight at 9pm on History.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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