Man Rushes Back Into His Burning House To Save His Dog

Via Jose Guzman is a hero. One of those guys willing to risk his life rushing past firefighters into his fully engulfed house in California to save what he calls, "a member of his family", his dog Gabbana. Fighting heavy smoke, Guzman ran to the back of the house and found Gabbana crouched inside the bathroom, the only room that had not burned.

In the video he charges into the flames past shocked firefighters and neighbors. After what seems like an eternity he emerges with Gabbana. With his adrenaline pumping, Guzman said he did not realize that he had been burned on his face and arms until the rescue was over. His two and a half year old dog was singed on her nose and paws. When asked why he risked his life for his dog, he choked up with emotion saying,“She’s been with us forever. She’s part of the family. We love her.” He's a HERO!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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